Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Artist4Hyer and the blog team took a brief hiatus, just to make sure things will stay relevant. Currently I'm in the middle of finding recording equipment to make this blogging/thing a little more interesting. I do apologize to each and everyone who has been grinding and working tirelessly and need an outlet to put their music out. I have all the submissions and will post them as soon as possible. For all those who are fans and still check on the blog religiously, I do apologize to you as well, we will be back soon!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NOLA Hip-Hop Archive- Produced by Holly Hobbs

The NOLA Hiphop Archive was founded in 2012 as an effort to collect, document, and make accessible to the public the oral histories of New Orleans’ influential rappers, producers and DJs who helped to create and popularize hiphop and bounce music traditions in the city and beyond. Founded in 2012 by Tulane graduate student, Holly Hobbs, the Archive currently holds more than 30 videotaped interviews with the city’s hiphop and bounce artists and pioneers, including Mannie Fresh, Mystikal, Partners N Crime, Dee-1, Ricky B, DJ Raj Smoove, Nesby Phips, Nicky da B & Rusty Lazer, and Queen Blackkold Madina, star of the Academy Award-winning Katrina documentary, Trouble the Water. You can click the following link below to Holly's kick starter page.
Twitter [@nohiphoparchive]

Yamin Semali- Senior Dues: Yen Dollar Music, Vol.2

Senior Dues: Yen Dollar Music, vol. 2 cover art
East Point, GA rapper/producer Yamin, formerly known as DJ AmDex, presents Senior Dues, his new album featuring Tha Dogg Pound's Kurupt, Count Bass D, J-Live,  and Boog Brown. Senior Dues is the newest release on Yamin's imprint Yen Dollar Music.

Twitter [@yaminallday]

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Logan P. McCoy- Black Morning

                  Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy presents the Dylan Verrechia-directed music video for "Black Morning", the new single from his EP Strength Of Character. "Black Morning" captures the frustration I felt as a young man in desperate need for personal change but without a clue as to how to bring about this change in my life." 

Orrin Campbell- Warp

18-year-old New York rapper Orrin Campbell presents the Colin Campbell-directed music video for "Warp", the Motel XXX-produced single from Orrin's forthcoming album Nocturnal. Orrin named his first release The Sean Mulligan Mixtape, after his girlfriend's little brother who inspired him to take rap seriously after hearing him freestyle for fun. Twitter [@camporbell] 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sean Armstrong- The Marble Cake Diaries (Mixtape)

DMV-area rapper/DJ/producer Sean Armstrong presents The Marble Cake Diaries, his new album featuring Khrysis, J. Ivy, Da Beatminerz, Roddy Rod, Dischoe, Marc Nfinit(True School), and J Soul and The Mowery Boys. Marble Cake's release comes on the heels of the release of the music video for "Took Control" (watch the video), the !llmind-produced first single which features guest appearances from Tajai of Souls of Mischief and singer pHoenix Pagliacci.Sean is also a member of 9th's Black Jedi chapter of The Universal Zulu Nation. Sean sums up Marble Cake's genesis in one line from his song "Foundation": “...hours, days, weeks, months, #*&% it took years / for me to be heard and gain respect from my peers / but the way that it appears I affected your ears...” "This album was a long time in the making," he says.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Levi Lennon- Lawdamercy (Spoken Video)

If I had to guess, just to assume, this next track is a written interlude on his next project, The Couch Tour, which drops December 26th. Through his raspy voice is a message. The two minute something video does have a small concept, which should be easily understood. Like he told me in text, this isn't a regular video. The best of Levi, its only safe to expect the unexpected when dealing with Levi. Fair?